Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of Email and Social Media Marketing? Are you anxious about what kind of Written Content is right for you? Take a deep breath. You’re in the right place. My mission is to help entrepreneurs gain confidence and skills by creating the perfect game plan tailored to your small business.

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Services We Offer To Grow Your Business

  • Facebook advertising

  • Social Media Marketing campaign design and strategies to grow your business

  • Content creation, planning and curation for digital marketing

  • Email marketing campaign design and strategies

  • PR and pitching to the media strategies

  • Influencer Marketing campaign guidance

  • The ins and outs of trade show success

  • Biography, Blog and other content writing

  • Website creation and guidance

  • Business creation how-to’s

  • Time management practices

  • Selling products wholesale

  • Graphic design assistance

  • Photoshoot and videoshoot coordination

  • Media Training

 What Our Clients Say

Working with VIP Business Connection has been educational, supportive and rewarding. The knowledge base and experience is obvious within just a few minutes of the first call. Multiple strategic avenues and instructions helped guide you to your goal. I am appreciative for our relationship.
— Kenneth Hill, Co-Founder MINA Health
Melanie is amazing at what she does. Not only is she incredibly smart, she has real life experience. She has personally started and grown her own businesses while raising two little ones. Any new business should absolutely have her on its side. She knows all the ins and outs of starting a business and has some insider secrets that have helped me get my name out there. I was even quoted on Huff Post!Her energy is highly contagious. She helps me feel inspired to take the next step in growing my business. I highly recommend Melanie and her business VIP Business Connection.
— Jennifer Jakobsen, MSW, CIPC, professional life coach
Before I contacted Melanie at VIP Business Connection I was completely stuck and overwhelmed with how to get from having an idea to having a business. Melanie has started and successfully run her own company, so she has invaluable insight into this process. She was able to expertly guide me through all the different aspects of starting a business. Her attention to detail allowed me to navigate the maze of applications, filings, inventory, pricing and so many other items. She has a vast knowledge of social media marketing that every business needs to survive and thrive. She genuinely cares about your success. I wouldn’t have gotten started if I had not turned to her.
— Jamie Bauschka, Founder of Hope Junkies

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